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Now President Biden is ON......... so what will Club 401K do now? You have no choice but to all of a sudden get behind it.

President Biden and the Leader - have spoken - and not in that order.

"Amazon, here we come’: Biden boosts warehouse unionization efforts"

Club 401k....I told you. Slowly by slowly, we're coming.

"In March 2021, Biden endorsed union drives happening across the country, but he stopped short of naming Amazon specifically, which was in the middle of a unionization effort in Alabama."

That's ok president Biden. The Leader was out in front of this one, you were a Johnny Come Lately. No worries, I'm glad to have you on the team Mr President.
Time for learn to share.

We need to stay on it. Don't let union leaders get corrupted or kicked out. This will require tons and diligence.

Just take the money from shareholders, and increase prices on consumers - perfect addition to DEM-Flation.
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It's gotta sting a bit.

Biden went with the Leader and worker after it was politically expedient.

He didn't go with Club 401K on this one.

Uh oh.....

Step by step....once again, the Leader is on the right track.
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