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No no, I'm talking about 401K accounts.

No, not talking about Ivy League Faculties.

A Democrat and the "Long tradition" of his all-white club.

"Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse Defends All-White Beach Club Membership, 'It's a Long Tradition'"

How many posts on this, from those who are vigilant about diversity?

The answer....

It's an Inconvenient Truth.

Yet another political topic, with non partisan link, with no personal attack on any esteemed board contributor.
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But wait, I must be fair.

I guess if Mr Whitehouse (D)'s all-white country club honors Juneteenth then that satisfies the "look mom, I got BLM logos on my Facebook" crowd.

And yes, let's hope the club pays "$15 an hour!"

No esteemed board member has been personally attacked in this post, and it merely advocated for a new Federal holiday, and a *fake* living wage.
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