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The 2016 Malibu has gone through two of the little start stop batteries in the rear.

This time I requested that the battery be left in my car - still useful likely for putting around the electronic workshop..

Lo and behold on top of it is 'free 36 month replacement' - duh. The dealer charged me for a new one full cost.

Got home from dealer after $49 charge to diagnose the 'check engine light' (also known as the $300 repair light) and a $300 bill to replace the battery..

Now working with service tech there to get a refund. Battery lasted only 2 1/2 years. Like the first one. But....if you didn't get the battery back you'd never know! IT's squirreled away in a little compartment on the side of the trunk on the left side.

It's a little Aux 12 155 CCA battery for 'start stop' operation.

So I'm going to get a credit on credit card.

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The last car two batteries I've had replaced were free due to failing within the 48 month warranty. (In fact, one was a day late, but Sam's gave me a new one anyway.)

That's quite a difference from the old prorated warranty, where a failure at month 46 got you 2/48 off a new battery. But, you have to keep the paperwork, and also know to go to the same place where you got the first one.

Charging $300 to diagnose the Check Engine Lamp is excessive. Autozone does it for free. I also bought a widget that connects to the ALDL connector and has a USB connection to my laptop, and I can read the codes myself (cost ~$49 from Amazon).
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"Charging $300 to diagnose the Check Engine Lamp is excessive. "

No it was $49

The check engine light usually results in a $300 repair bill.

This was the second battery in the car - there's a 'start stop' battery used when the car engine stops at a traffic light, then restarts quickly after you release the brake. Supposed to save you a tenth or two mpg. Manufacturers do it to try to meet the every increasing fleet MPG requirement.

The main battery seems to last me about 4-5 years here.

On the Prius, there's a small gel-cell that craps out every five to seven years, too..... it's used to boot up the computers (4 amps worth) so you can start the car with the 200+ v main battery.

I hate those gel-cells. one in my alarm system for backup. One in the FIOS box for phone service backup. Five to seven years if you are lucky. If there is long power failure they discharge to zero and that's it.....deader than door nail shortly after. no low voltage disconnect to save them.

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