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alstro:"Half of our investments may also disappear."

Very true..folks anticipate a 35% drop in the market in the next few years.


alstro:":Not sure what form means testing may take, but likely wouldn't affect us. Maybe those with incomes over $1MM or $250k or $100k. Or maybe top-level SS benefits...we aren't there. I think the very top right now is $2500/month for one person at full retirement age."

Right now, the IRS will tax only 85% of your SS as regular first they'll take it up to 100%......

then, they'll just keep the medicare bracket where it is, so with the nominal 4% real inflation, you'll be jacked up to the level where you pay the $248/per person for Medicare...except, of course, by then, that will only be worth half as much as today....but you'll get in the higher bracket.

Then, they'll cook the books on inflation and tell you it is only 1.7% a you won't gt much in the way of COLA increases...or any at all if they figure it is only 0.3%.....when it really is running 4% a year.....

Then, you'll have to report your assets...and they'll determine first you have to take 5% a year of them. They subtract that from your SS.....if it is still positive, you get that amount to bring you up to your SS level. Simple. If that 5% of your assets is more than your SS amount, you don't 'need' that SS and it goes to another welfare weenie who didn't save anything.



Alstro:"SS can be fixed by raising the taxable income limit, ending the temporary 2% tax cut, and phasing down the 50% spousal benefit. "

Yes, it could be.....or , worse, they could try to force it upon your savings income too!.....and since you don't have an employer, they'd grab 13^ of your investment income. Right?

And that could go up to a bazillion bucks a year......whatever your income or Buffet's income....He wouldn't like that for sure.... but he is 'rich' we need to screw with him and his 'fat cat' income. ANd yours.

Phasing out the 50% spousal? What happens to 'stay at home moms' who never worked. Would you have them starving to death? or forced to marry or mooch of another for survival? Surely the libs won't stand for that!....


alstro:"These days women work and earn their own benefit."

Some of them do. many take a decade or two off to raise the kids. Many women don't have the job skills to earn but a minimum wage type job , maybe only part time.

And 'some' women choose not to work but raise the kids. Maybe 8 of them for those Catholic, Mormon and Islamo families.


alstro:" I worked part-time or at low wages for 13 years and only made a professional salary for 13 years, so I have a bunch of zeroes in my SS benefit calculation (SAHM for 10 years and retired early), and yet SS on my own work record will be $1500/month if I collect, as I plan to, 2 years before my full benefit. Most women these days can manage the equivalent (more years of work replacing my professional years in many cases). I only exceeded the income cap for SS twice, maybe 3 times."

And there are 22 million now that can't find a job! the obama economy!.....and 350,000 dropped out of the work force just iast month.


alstro:" If we live to be among the old-old, we'll need it. "

You will, but the question is: Will Obama and the drones let you keep it?

or do like Argentina where the gov't confiscated all the private pensions and savings plans....nationalized gives them 3% 'bond like' interest on their money when inflation there is 25% a year. In other words, screwed them over big time. Now they are forced to live on hamburger helper and dog food.


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