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alstro:""She has had no ivolvement with public schools. She attended religious schools and homeschool and used used private schools for her 4 children--despite living in an excellent pubic school district in a tony suburb of Grand Rapids."

Yep, and Obama and most of the DC elites send their kids to private schools. What else is new? I'd bet her private schools are better than the public schools and don't need 'safe spaces' for 'snowflakes' and 'time off' after the election for liberal democrat crybabies to cry into their government provided porridge.

Did Obama send his kids to public schools in Chicago? In DC?
Shumer? Pelosi? Chelsea?

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alstro:"She hates the very concept of public schools and, like Trump, thinks all schools should be private."

No, she thinks all people should have a choice of public OR private.

So far, more than half the kids in the US have substandard schools taught by monopoly run teachers unions whose main interest is feathering their own pockets, advancing their own pension schemes and days off. With at least 20% incompetent teachers around the country who can't be fired .........

I don't seem to find in the Constitution anywhere - where the Federal government is charged with 'public education'. That is a state function. Or local function.

Other than the half dozen 'military academies' - the US government has no 'universities'. They are all state run or private. And work well.....other than run away tuition - in part caused by federal mandates like millions for new transgender bathrooms......and filling out millions of pages of forms....each year....requiring 100,000 people to shuffle the 'federal paperwork'.

In fact, other than grant money (usually with all sorts of left wing PC 'strings' attached).....the fed makes up mandates and directives (by having fed money sloshed out) schools to meet...and endless forms to fill in...for Washington bureaucrats to pore over so they can come up with more forms to fill out....

At least half the 'education' department can do....maybe nearly all of it.

then a good part of the 'Justice department' which does the 'enforcement' for all the mandates of the education department.

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" She and Trump are also likely to fight to get the federal govt out of the school loan business, turning students back into the arms of for-profit lenders. But she is chiefly motivated by getting all taxpayers to pay for Christian schooling."

Good...the government has a TRILLION dollars in loans...and the libs are hot to trot to 'forgive' most of them if they can. Taxpayers will be on the hook for tens of thousands EACH to pay write offs for welshing deadbeat students who default rather than pay.


alstro:"Out of a bunch of (so far) deplorable cabinet choices, she's the very worst. Did I mention that her family is one of the biggest contributors to so-called soft money/dark money for extremely conservative causes?"

You mean like school vouchers? Ho ho ......

As if George Soros didn't spend 100 million trying to get Hillary and other dem henchmen elected this past election? For extremely radical left causes!

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alstro: PS--How did her family acqure(sic) their billions? The old-fashioned way--inheritance. Her father started Amway, placing her family at the top of a pyramid scheme. "

Call it what you want.....they've never been charged with anything....and folks up and down the organization make money.....
Don't they actually sell hundreds of millions of dollars of products a year?

Face it...the Dept of Education is a corrupt organization, bloated, owned by teachers unions, way beyond it's Constitutional authorization (it has none) in areas the feds should not be involved in......

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