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This should be good news for Tea Party recruiters.

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1 in 8 (13%) of Americans over age 65 have Alzheimers
Nearly half over 85 have Alzheimers
The lifetime risk is 20% for women and 12% for men.
ALZ is the fifth leading cause of death among those age 65+.

People with less education are more likely to develop Alzheimers. They think this is because either better educated people have a "cognitive reserve" that masks the disease for a time, or some other factor such as greater risk for disease in general and lower access to medical care--for example, it appears that untreated high blood pressure and/or diabetes may be related. (So go ahead Republicans, continue your efforts to block access to medical care for the poor and near-poor-).
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Judging by the Benghazi hearings on the Hill, I'd say the entire administration has been suffering from it.
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