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Am I old enough to be a Geezer Fool yet? Is there anyone still on these boards who is NOT old enough to be a Geezer Fool?

ThyPeace, wondering.
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I think 'geezer' is a frame of mind, not a level of age.

Do you drive 10 MPH under the speed limit?
All the while cursing the idiots that honk when they (finally) pass you?
Do you carry a coin purse, open it at the checkout counter and delight in how many pennies you can get rid of? Or write a check to pay a $2.50 charge?
Feel a burst of pleasure when you finish filling your weekly pill box dispenser?
Do you stand on the sidewalk and shake your fist at speeders?

Yeah, me neither but I'm still a geezer.
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Hmmm. I may not qualify. I fill DH's and DD's pillboxes, drive fast enough that my 80-year-old Dad yells at me (Hey! It's a TESLA for heaven's sake! I need to know what it can do! But then again, it's his Tesla, not mine, so okay....). I do carry change to pay for stuff on very specific occasions -- at the snack bar in my office building.

Our house doesn't have a sidewalk, so can't stand on it. I do rant about the Fedex truck drivers and conspire with the neighbor across the street to make them slow down by the strategic parking of our cars.

ThyPeace, will hang around, geezer or not.
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