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I bought VIA.B on 9/7/99 - Before Researching through TMF. (my research was done through other Co.s'like 'Smith&Barney etc.)--

Oh Goodness How I Have MISSED 'THE FOOL'!!!!

Today I came 'home to TMF' and began reading these messages (beginning #27 - fartherest date I wanted to go back).
Everything I am reading tells me I didn't buy what I thought I bought.

Questions please for anyone with Answers:
1 - Is 'VIA.B' Not Also 'VIA'?
2 - I bght. 'VIA.B' at $48.25 during & Because Of Viacom's purchase of CBS (& losing already) was I a 'fool'? :(
3 - Was I a 'fool' for ignoring 'The Motley Fool' for the last couple of months? (Thank you but I will answer this one - :) :) - Answer: 'YES!'
4 - IF 'VIA.B' is not also 'VIA' - should I sell and buy 'VIA' instead?
5 - Or sell and forget them both? :)

I suppose that is all the Questions I have at this point - but I sure want to thank all the Fools (message boards 27 thru 34) and Especially TMFNico for his/her excerpt and connections to the Rulebreaker by David Gardner 'Consolidate to Dominate'. I thank you also David for your Info.

HELP 'Fools' I need your HELP!

Glad to be back


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I believe the security VIA is Viacoms preffered shares, and VIA.B is common stock. I also don't believe you're a fool for buying when or why you did. You have to make your own decisions, and be confident in them. TMF doesn't know everything, and like the rest of us can't predict the future. They have their own beliefs and advise on a basis of them. Do your own research and formulate your own opinions based on all the info you gather - that's the best way. Good luck!

- DAVE (

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