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--- The $2.1 trillion that America’s 775 billionaires have raked in just since the start of the pandemic.
--- The $1.9 trillion Trump Republican tax cut that went mostly to the wealthy and large corporations.
--- The nearly $8 trillion we’ll be spending on the military over the next 10 years.

Yet senate Republicans, along with Sinema and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, say we can’t afford to spend what’s needed for childcare, education, or paid leave, and we can’t afford to reduce climate change? My friends, this is truly nuts.

Lots of snips in this post read the link to see what I left out.
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Good post - - free of the usual typical whining and name-calling.

Truth be told - I agree with your post 100%.

Trouble is, America is a Democracy. And those who are shouting loudest about "My Democracy!!!" - are indeed doing as is their right, and constantly, 24/7 focusing on "Trump! 1/6!!! Mussolini!!! Trump!!" and thats' fine, they're allowed.

What this writer has said from the get-go is that there should be priorities. Priorities of the brain, moreso than the heart. And that with the current leadership, there was a chance to do some generational, transformational things. IF..........political capital was 24/7, constantly focused on THIS. If the same drumbeat,fervor, money - was focused on the Agenda, AS MUCH as they focus on "Trump! Trump!"'d have more than this watered down, non transformational thing that is full of bridges to nowhere. It's at best a busted inner-tube in the garage - now with a few trillion bucks in patches on it...temporary patches.

I wonder, if Liberals have ever thought: "Hmmmmm, we're trying to give people stuff that they SAY they WANT and need. BUT they won't let us give it to them!!!!". I dunno....if I walked into a room of hungry people who need food, offered free steak and lobster and couldn't get them to take me up on it - I'd re-examine my approach, my attitude, my image, whatever it might be.

Furthermore as this writer said before: This was a "$3.5 trillion" bill. WRONG. Show Americans positive incrementalism, show cred in governance, and Americans WILL follow. Too bad they didn't have an INDIVIDUAL "Child Care Act" - - supported by 24/7 drumbeat.....and then DARE legislators to vote against "Child Care". Then do it for other signature items.

Bottom line: Liberals, blinded by hate - focused on hate, and lost the agenda. (Ask president Bush - it works to Republican advantage all the time. Ditto Reagan and Trump). The weakest of them, perched in the non-diverse enclave bubble will say "accountability is important".

Ok, well you won. You traded debt, fair taxation, solvency, Climate Change, Child Care, College hold Trump accountable. There, was it worth it while you buy your surf board when the sea levels rise?

This was winnable.

But as usual, hate loses. It lost. Now hate will spend 2 trillion bucks, and yeah - some of it will help people - but it's not going to make structural changes to root causes. And it's not going to be solvent.

Agree or not ,I appreciate the tone and factualness of your post.

Hint: If you like "Democracy!" as you need to talk to more than your own flock.
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About $1 trillion in federal taxes goes uncollected every year, since Republicans gutted the IRS. I would have mentioned that in the first speech as President. Every IRS auditor collects many times their annual salary (roughly 8X or 9X (you can look it up if you want to split hairs)).
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And Liberals wanted the IRS to go after $600 bank deposits lol.

Yeah, that's what billionaires do - make $600 deposits.

As usual, Snobs want to gut the working class...... *but* they want to keep tax-free 401K stuff and SALT deductions for themselves.

Liberals are more greedy than Donald Trump.
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