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Based on posts here, I decided to try Amerisave. SAVE YOURSELF if you are even considering trying those M(*&)(*&F(*&^*ING A)(*& H(&)(&*S.

We locked in at a 3.375 last July. It should have been closed by the end of August. Now, get the clear picture, we both have credit scores IN THE 800s. Amerisave dragged on and on and on and on, for MONTHS. And, after charging us for both credit reports and appraisals, they denied us because they say they couldn't figure out what kind of house we owned. (It's a twin home without an HOA.) We have a million dollars insurance on it, but that wasn't good enough for them, and now I am convinced they just dragged it on until they could find a way out because they didn't want to give us that rate.

Meanwhile, cursed that we seem to be at the moment, my husband had an earache and went to urgent care. The medical facility, even though he gave them our current address, sent one of the bills to our old address, and without bothering to check to see if it was correct, sent it to collections. That took months to clear up, but we now have it off the credit report and are back up in the 8's, so we go to refinance, but low and behold, we are at the highest rates in a year and had to lock in a 4% rather than anywhere near what I had locked in before. Yes, it is over 1% lower than our current rate, by only and 1/8th of a point, but I am so pissed off and so upset at the bureaucracy and the system and the way that people are allowed to control our lives when we have done everything right.

We pay all of our bills on time. We pay off our credit cards in full every month. The only debt we have is this house, which has been a freaking nightmare of a moneypit which has drained us of every cent we had in our emergency fund, in our savings and in what we were saving to buy a new car (because we don't like to take out loans for cars.) The inspector lied to us, the real estate agent lied to us, we've been taken advantage of practically every conceivable type of contractor, and all of these people, ALL of these people can get away with it because they find loopholes in the laws, or the system is just set up to favor them.

They force us into gambling with our money (do I lock in now, or do I wait?) the game is rigged for anyone who has lots of money ("banks are 'too' big to fail" - "You can't raise our taxes! We only make $350,000.00/year!") But people like my husband and I can play by the rules, do everything right, pay our bills on time, but I see now we have absolutely no expectation of being treated fairly. I'm so tired of it.

There are so many people to be angry with right now, I can't even see straight, but right now, having lost $450 on the appraisal and over $840/year for the next 30 freaking years, right now my target is AmeriSave. If they had done their job and fulfilled their promise in the time they said they would, at least the refi would have been over and done with at a rate that actually made a dent in the $600 we've lost per month since the first of the year, merely by payroll taxes and health insurance going up. Now I feel like it's barely going to touch it.

I'm sorry for unloading. I just needed someplace to dry my tears.

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