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I am a long time member of Fool, but brand new to Pro, so this is new to me. I purchased a buy to open Jan 2018 call AMT as recommended om 04/12
$29.10. Yesterday when visiting Alerts, you recommend write diagonal calls, I see this is dated April 5th, and you seem to be somewhat negative on AMT. I see on TD Ameritrade option chain for diagonal calls, which is completely foreign to me. But I see I can also write and sell in two different transaction for the same outcome? Is your recommendation the same today as it was on the fifth at what bid? Also on TD Ameritrade
the expiration dates are slightly different than you state in your recommendation, instead of April 29 it would be May 1st
is the closest. Please forgive me if my questions seem stupid, I will catch up. In the past I have only used the simplest of option trading. Pleas clarify
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Hey dhm,
You'll want to ask this question on the Pro-specific discussion boards -- the ones you're on now are the free public boards, and won't get you the specificity you need. Here's a link:

I'm sorry your question has gone unanswered! I'll let the Pro team know you'll be posting over there. Let me know if you have any questions (click the "E-Mail This Reply to the Author" checkbox below).

Ellen (TMFKabellen)
Pro editor
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