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Dear, Finest Woman on Earth,

I'm prepared to take my own life for forgetting to be sensitive to your mood.
I was on my knees worshipping your shrine,
and thought I could cheer you up by being funny.
So I'm sitting in the dark, waiting to die, hoping you don't tell The Mom about this.
Please cut it off now, or I'll do it myself.
You mean enough to me that I'd modify the Apology Note Generator.

Yer Love Dude,
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No. of Recommendations: 4
Cut off what?
Don't do anything rash.
Just settle down.

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>> Cut off what? <<


(absolutely cringing at the very thought! :)
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Dear Love Dude,

I know not who you are
Whether from GMS or afar
It matters not, these disputes subside
But your creamy interior, you must not hide.

The battle of poprock began long ago
His exile, like Samuel Beckett, was a tale of woe.
Has he returneth or been reborn?
Is he really Elvis, silken locks shorn?

JetPuffed is another tale
You winneth the heart of this damsel
Another enigma to add to the list:
Swimdad, IJL and JetPuffed, what bliss!

If I were to utter more
I should hasten to my bathroom door.



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