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I work with many Orthodontists in a professional manner and have observed their use of Invisalign for their patients. A small but growing
number of them are increasing yearly the number of patients on which they elect to treat with Invisalign. My patients who require Orthodontic treatment are starting to ask for referrals to those Orthodontists who use invisalign. Nearly all Orthodontists in my area say that they offer Invisalgn treatment, but actually discourage or find other reasons they feel Invisalgn shouldn't be successful. Probably one reason besides the level of discomfort with a new system, is one of economics, Orthodontists are geared to the classic treatment with "braces" in their office setup, personnel, and I believe a set of Invisalgn liners cost substantially more than "braces and wire".

But,all in all, I have found Orthodontists to be quite an ethical lot and when the technique continues to improve and their experience level increases the use of Invisalgn will steadily increase. I suspect that 70% of all orthodontic treatment in 8-10 years will be with Invisalign
"type" of appliances.

My questions are 1. will copy-cat companies successfully emerge? 2. will
the market be large enough?

I personally think that Invisalgn is here to stay, and that it's share price will be back to the IPO level within 2 years.

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I am ageneral dentist who was recently certified and am caustiously active. So far I think it is exciting. I am just starting to finish cases. I think this is the future. Maybe it will be driven by general dentists because of the cost reluctancy of orthodontists.

Can anyone comment on algn's balance sheet.Dr Bill
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Patient perspective:
I am 50 and got my first set of aligners this week. Jaw problems led me to bite correction and Invisalign was offerred as possible way to correct my bite.

Price was $600 more than traditional braces. Time frame was the same.
I can't imaging doing anything other than Invisalign. I travel and this treatment fits that life.

Getting used to taking them out to eat is the strangest part of the protocol, but is not that difficult to get used to. I think I would have chosen them even with the price 1K higher - but it seems that the price should be lower because fewer office visits are needed.

I think this company has a good road ahead of them. The lawsuit they just files against the co-founder who is stealing their employees is a good move. The non-compete contract was clearly violated and Align looks to have a sound argument in court.

Once that is settled, the price will go up. Great time to buy. Wish I knew why the Fool shows a frowny face for this company.
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