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And do you have any compelling empirical evidence to support your *specific* policy recommendations?

States with gun control legislation have fewer deaths from guns:

Where there are more guns there are more homicides (four cites):

Gun ownership is highest in the South. And deaths by gun assault are nighest in the South:

Twelve myths about guns:

I'm sure none of this would be consider "evidence" by you, since it conflicts with your pre-ordained facts, which float remarkably free of reality. But there you have it.

What precisely should be done that you think would address the problem in a significant way?

1. Waiting period to purchase firearms.
2. Background check to purchase firearms.
3. Mandatory training to own firearms.
4. Require liability insurance riders for gun owners.
5. Registration; renewable annually, just like cars.
6. Close gun show purchase loopholes.
7. Eliminate assault and semi-automatic weapon purchases except for police and military personnel.
8. Mandatory trigger locks with purchase.
9. Eliminate high capacity clips.
10. Regulate sniper rifles (with very high power ammo)

Next, and let me predict, you will tell me that this isn't perfect, but it might not have stopped the massacre in Newtown. But then, it might have. Since we know "more weapons = more homicides", it follows that fewer weapons means fewer homicides. Putting mild disincentives in front of ownership of vastly lethal weapons would do exactly that, while not prohibiting ownership from sportsmen or others interested in ownership.

You show a similar disregard for specificity in your discussions of pretty much *all* regulation. For example, consider bank regulation. What specifically would have prevented the financial crisis that we had in 2008? And if you say that the CFMA and repealing Glass-Steagall caused the problem, what caused the financial crises in Europe?

Apparently it wasn't the CRA, to which you ascribe so much blame. I would say it was the unregulated financial markets in pursuit of short term financial windfalls. In Spain it was German banks. In Greece it was dysfunctional government. In the US it was non-existent insurance and irresponsible bond raters and absurd no-doc mortgage providers. Make a bank hold onto the loan, rather than bundling it and selling it off to hedge funds in Saudi Arabia, and the banks will look more carefully at who they lend to.

Make gun owners take more responsibility for their ownership, perhaps we will have fewer weapons floating around high schools. Just a thought.

We will *never* have enough regulation and government control over our lives for your tastes, because any "failure" is "proof" that there was not enough government control.

In your world there is never little enough. A failure of the world economic system is ascribed to a minor piece of legislation passed decades before that influenced 3% of the market. The massive deregulation of the banking system is considered irrelevant. More guns = less violence. Black is white. Up is down.

MadCap world is truly from another dimension. A dimension not of sight and sound, but surely not of mind. Next stop: a dystopia envisioned and championed by a dysfunctional and psychologically disturbed writer of fiction novels. With MacCap cheering all the way into the abyss.
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