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A few ideas on how to use caps to boost your score. This has long been one of my favorites. It is an idea straight from the caps development team. I won't name names, of course, but it sounds like "Howdy Pardner" and this was the idea: A Nitwit Report.


The idea would be, quite simply, that by finding Caps players who routinely make terrible calls, you could set yourself up to outperform by keeping tabs on them and doing the opposite of what they do. If Caps did this for us, it was reasoned, it would be something akin to a nitwit report...


Of course, some folks might not like to be included in a nitwit report (thought the name was meant with the greatest affection, I assure you) and Caps doesn't seem to have one.


Well, we have the Wall Street Nitwit Report, but not a player nitwit report.


Anyway, you can use your friends list to build your own. I've done that myself, from time to time, but a few caveats:


1) Look for people who have low scores, both crummy accuracy and points

2) Look for pitches that display flawed thinking or miss easily-available, salient facts

3) Concentrate on pitches that display #2, but are also popular (recced) as this indicates many others may feel this way.

4) My final kind of nitwit is the penny-stock scam guy. You know the one. He falls for every story out there. Keep an eye on his scorecard, and you can probably find some excellent shorts


And the final caveat: There are no lost causes. At least not many.


In studying the scorecards of folks who've put outperforms on some of the most hideous penny-stock promotions I have seen, I'm always amazed that there are GOOD picks in there too. From this, I deduce that we may not find the perfect nitwit -- someone who's a 100% contrary indicator on every pick.


That's heartening. But it makes Caps harder!


Now, to mess with my friends list so no one takes offense...





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BBQChickenRobot! Why won't he/she make another pick....WHY!

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You can take all of my picks that you want to. I've taken some of yours.

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