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My co-worker finally became pregnant again! She's due in a couple of weeks. They are expecting a baby girl and she's naming her after her grandmother, who passed away while she was in the midst of all the fertility treatments. She has decided that after the birth she will be a SAHM. I can't really blame her for that. As she said a couple of weeks ago: "I didn't put all this work into having a baby, only to hand her over to someone else for 9 hours a day!"

Anyway, just wanted to post that after all the heartache and drama, she's finally going to be a mom! We have a new boss who has 4 kids of his own who has been super supportive with her. It's all worked out great!

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Congrats to your coworker! It is tough to go through. We are on our second round of injections for #2... Keeping the fingers crossed!

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