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Cryptocurrency. Everybody's talking about it. Bitcoin. Etherium. Litherium. Dilithium. It's become quite the craze. So much so that Tom Gardner committed $5 million of The Motley Fool's assets to a Bitcoin position. And that was just the start. Tom also converted all his wealth not bound up in the Everlasting Portfolio (the only premium service portfolio in whose recommendations he will invest) into cryptocurrencies as well.

The controversial move led to he and brother David not talking to each other for nearly a week while David had Tom investigated out of suspicion Tom had been seduced by the crypto-cult CoinAnon. But Tom passed his psych eval and competency exam and remains the CEO and Chief Fool of The Motley Fool. He really did mean to introduce Bitcoin into the Foolish Universe and of course, he never does anything half way.

If you're not familiar with Crypto Currencies, they are digital peer-to-peer currencies that exist virtually, not physically. Bitcoins cannot be touched or held in your hand. They cannot be placed in your pocket or wallet. However, that doesn't mean they don't have value, as you may have noticed by media reports of rapidly rising prices of virtual currencies over the past couples of months.

The idea of cryptocurrencies has been around for decades, but it wasn't until 2008 that the first Bitcoin was created to address perceived flaws in how traditional money is transferred between parties. Cryptocurrencies cut out the middlemen (banks, card processors, etc.) through the use of Blockchain Technology.

Ok, Fuskie, what is Blockchain Technology? It is a digital ledger that stores all virtual currency transactions - when you buy crypto, sell crypto or use crypto to buy or sell something. It is the digital infrastructure in which the cryptocurrency coins exist. The principal features of Blockchain Technology are:

• It is decentralized. There's no single data center - the digital ledger is spread out around the world. This ensures no single country or company has control over it and offers protection against targeted cyberattacks.

• There is no middleman. Since there is no financial institution that overseas transactions, transaction fees reflect actual costs and not profit margins.

• It's fast. Transactions can settle quickly since they are not restricted to office hours or time zones. With Blockchain, transactions can be verified instantly any time, all the time, no matter where or when they take place.

But how can this be safe, you ask, nothing exists in the real world! The secret to all this is a group of entrepreneurs called Cryptocurrency Miners. These people have powerful computers capable of solving the complex mathematical equations that define the encryption for transactions on the digital ledger.

The first miner that solves an equation is rewarded with a Block Reward, paid in cryptocurrency for their Proof of Work. As you accumulate cyrpto coins, you are rewarded with the opportunity to verify other crypto transactions, called Proof of Stake, which comes with more rewards, also paid in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are anonymous in the sense that you do not have to report transactions to any government or company, but a recent court decision gave the IRS the ability to access information in pursuit of those who might try to hide income in cryptocurrencies to evade tax liability. However, there are some cryptocurrencies are known as Privacy Coins that utilize special protocols to strengthen privacy of the parties involved in transactions.

Because cryptocurrencies exist in the virtual world, the fees for transactions are paid through cryptocurrency coins, starting when you convert cash into crypto, and then when you want to do anything with cryptocurrency you have. This currency is stored in the form of whole or fractional virtual coins.

Companies that do business in the cryptocurrency space can avoid those pesky exchange rates between countries since cryptocurrencies do not recognize geographical or political boundaries. Of course, as demand for cryptocurrencies rise, so does the local value of each coin, and as demand falls, so does the local value. As more companies embrace cryptocurrencies as part of their operations, demand and volatility will grow.

Which brings me to the point of my post. For the last year, I have been in home isolation with a lot of time on my hands. And as a Computer Engineer by education and with a nephew who is a fancy New York journalist who covers business entrepreneurs, I decided to plug in my laptop, tap my resources, and launch my own cryptocurrency company.

Welcome to fuskieBase™, your one stop shop for all cryptocurrencies!

You may be wondering whether you should be investing in cryptocurrencies and while I cannot offer you individual or specific investment advice, the answer is a qualified YES! But you cannot buy crypto coins on or Mercardo Libre - you need a Crypto Broker and that's where fuskieBase™ comes in to the picture!

fuskieBase™ is a Digital Wallet for the accumulation, storage and spending of cryptocurrencies like Litherium, Dilithium and FoolCoin™, the top cryptocurrencies in the virtual world. Customers can use Visa, Mastercard or Discover to fund their fuskieBase™ accounts (sorry, we don't take American Express - or any country-specific credit card). Due to start-up costs, we have to charge a 15% Transfer-In fee, but if you mention you are a Fool, I'll discount it to 10%.

I know what you're thinking - Fuskie couldn't have gotten enough funding to properly secure fuskieBase™ and you could be wrong. I hired FireNose to be my cryptoencryption specialists and they implemented a SolarStream system that is guaranteed to make your personally identifiable information unidentifiable. And if that wasn't enough, each account is insured up to 250 FoolCoins™ by the Markal specialty insurance company. When you Crypto with fuskieBase™, we keep a tight hold on your digital wallet!

Check it out at today!

I know what you're thinking - you can buy Bitcoin through PayPal or Square, or invest in a cyrpto ETF, and all that is true. But you cannot use FoolCoin™ purchased through traditional financial institutions to pay for that next Tesla, and the ETF comes at a steep cost - huge expense ratios and a lack of a long term (3-5 years or longer) buy-and-hold focus.

And while there are other digital wallets out there, why place your virtual trust in an unknown commodity? With fuskieBase™, you know my reputation in the TMF Community, so go with someone who has nothing better to do than post hundreds of replies a day with the financial assets you can't see. This platform was designed for you! Check out our features:

• A flat 0.05 FoolCoin™ fee* for all purchases no matter how large.

• A flat 0.025 FoolCoin™ fee for all sales made, no matter how large.

• A low 5% fee for coin transfers into/out of your fuskieBase™ account from/to other Digital Wallets.

• A 20% fee on any crypto value growth of your coins should you decide to cash out.**

*Due to contractual arrangements with The Motley Fool's Cryptocurrency Division, we can only accept FoolCoin™ as payment of fees.

**We're sorry, but at this time, we can only convert crypto coins back to US currency through the Bank of Fuskie™ (FDIC unInsured). Please see the Bank of Fuskie™ website for a fee schedule and special Foolish discounts.

So what are you waiting for? Open your account today!

But fuskieBase™ is much more than a Digtal Wallet. fuskieBase™ is an exclusive crypto miner for FoolCoin™ and since I know how much interest there is among my fellow Fools for mining companies, I have created a special Private Equity opportunity for Fools to invest in called the fuskieBase Mining Club™. With a minimum investment of just one FoolCoin™ (currently valued around $75,000), Fools can join the fuskieBase Mining Club™ through their fuskieBase™ account.

Your membership in this communal venture grants you a real estate interest in one rack of computers in the fuskieBase™ Server Farm, located in the Cayman Islands, and a 50/50 split of all Block Rewards earned by your interests, currently priced at 10 FoolCoin™s, for each FoolCoin™ successfully mined. There is also a 1/5th FoolCoin™ annual maintenance fee to cover utility and cooling costs as well as equipment upgrades. In exchange for managing your your membership, fuskieBase™ retains all Proof of Stake Rewards.

Join the fuskieBase Mining Club&trade today at!

The opportunities to build obscene virtual wealth through fuskieBase™ are huuuge. I mean, take the biggest number you can imagine and then square it!

fuskieBase™ has big plans for growth, too. We're going to create the biggest virtual FoolCoin™ marketplace called the fuskieBase Market™, where vendors will be able to sell their wares on both the light and dark markets. Launching your marketplace storefront will be easy through your fuskieBase™ account, and best of all, fuskieBase™ will charge only 5% of each sale for service and convenience.

Open up your fuskieBase™ account today to build your fuskieBase Market™ store:

But wait, there's more!

If you're like me, your investment assets are largely tied up up in tax-advantaged retirement accounts and you don't have retail cash to move into your fuskieBase™ account. Of course we have you covered with the fuskieBase™ Digital IRA! That's right, you can fund your fuskieBase™ account from a Traditional or Roth IRA and operate your entire FoolCoin™ experience in a Traditional or Roth Digital IRA account (Sorry, no Virtual 401k accounts at this time). And when you're ready to retire, you can convert your FoolCoin ™ back to US Dollars deposited in your IRA original accounts.

And best of all, since these accounts are tax-advantaged, you do not have to pay annual capital gains taxes on the increase in value of your Digital Wallet or the profits from your fuskieBase Market™ store! Unfortunately, you still have to pay income taxes on your retirement distributions. Your fuskieBase™ account can do amazing things, but changing IRS law is not one of them. However, we're lobbying Congress to change that!

When you open your fuskieBase™ account, just check the box to indicate it is a Digital IRA!

Don't waste another second - all these features can be yours at!

And if you open your fuskieBase™ account today, I'll give you a free FoolCoin™***!

***Free FoolCoin™ offer consists of a .00001 fractional coin per $100,000 worth of FoolCoin™ purchased.

This offer expires April 1st, 2021.

Who notes that fuskieBase™ is not affiliated with or sanctioned by The Motley Fool and that he is not responsible for the acceptance or any interpretation, misinterpretation, understanding or misunderstanding of, or spelling and grammar mistakes in, the terms of this offer...

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