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I just reread the email announcing the new GG issue that was sent to me last thursday and it talks about a live Q&A taking place today. I don't see any mention or advertising of this on the GG site, so maybe I'm missing something?

If it is taking place today, I want to take the opportunity to ask more about a company that piqued my interest when it was mentioned in the Asia trip dispatch: China Fire and Security (CFSG). It sounds like the growth potential of this company is "limitless", yet the valuation is very reasonable. This company has flown under the radar since it's not listed in China or any of the major world exchanges yet, although it will be listing on the NASDAQ. This screams opportunity to me.

With such a rave review of the company, why didn't this make it into the newsletter as a wildcard stock?

recent press release:
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A few things:

1) The visit to China Fire wasn't until after we were well in process with our issue.

2) It's not good enough for us to go see a company and say "buy it." We've got plenty of valuation work to do.

But yeah, the video was pretty cool, no?
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Thanks! I look forward to hearing more about this company. Do you have a link for the video?

I have one or two more question for the team that just came back from the trip. First, are there any idiosynchrasies of the places you visited that would could lead to misinterpretation? For example, when someone in Japan smiles and says "yes" to a business proposition, an American could mistakenly think they have a deal when all they are really saying is "I see" or "I understand." Did you come across anything like this in your travels?

Second, did you ever feel like you were in danger in any of the cities you went to?

Thank you to all the GG team for all the work and energy you guys put in to this. It really must be a labor of love because you give so much more than you could possibly be receiving in return.

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You'll have to tilt your monitor on its side, just because I'm a doofus and recorded using the wrong aspect ratio.

We felt like we were in danger maybe twice -- when I took a wrong turn in Mumbai, and when we first arrived in Ulaanbataar and got mobbed by touts. That was about it.

As for cultural misunderstandings, I'd have to think about it. I'm married into a Chinese family, so my life very well may be one big cultural misunderstanding....



P.S. The video was included in one of the dispatches...
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Amazing. I can't imagine any breathing organism would be able to survive the heat or lack of oxygen after that.
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Hi Bill,

I like CFSG here very much- thank you for discovering it!

My question- how long does it usually take for an OTC.BB company like CFSG to get a Nasdaq listing after they have applied?

CFSG applied in April. Is it unreasonable to expect that they'll be on Nasdaq by July or August?

Thanks again for pointing out a very interesting company.

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Well, ok. If this is the cornerstone of their business I'm having a hard time getting excited. Aside from the fact that they may be in an emerging market, stategicly positioned, etc, etc. This seems no different than the standard halon powder based fire retardants in every fast food kitchen. Is the secret sauce in the detector technology?

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