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Sunday I completed the 8th Annual Firecracker series of races in the Portland area on virtually no training. The time I would have spent training earlier this year was spent doing physical therapy on my broken arm/shoulder. I did complete all five of the half marathons over the five day period and while my times were not impressive, I did meet my only goal to finish them.

This series is always tied into a race on the 4th of July and usually has 3 or 4 total races. This is the first year we've done 5 and I'm told that because of leap year timing the next time the 4th of July will be on a Wednesday is in 2029 so this may be a once in a lifetime event for me. The series started in 2011 and I am one of only two people who have completed all of the races each year. I have no reason to believe I won't continue doing this series in the future so we'll see how it goes with 5 races in 2029 when I'm 87 years old.
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