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My answer is a very simple one. NO.


If you think you can get rich quicker or you want to risk getting rich quicker then watch Mad Money on CNBC with Cramer. Or get his book.
Or buy Jim Rodgers book on Commondities.

When investing becomes boring it isn't time change fund families. ARe you getting the expected returns from Vanguard??

Over the long run the probability is no one will beat Total Market Index given the risk and cost.

My advise take up fishing or hunting.
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No. of Recommendations: 1
Was your message in reply to something posted on this board?

Usually it is easier to see what you are referring to if you click on "Post reply" when viewing the message you are replying to (so clicking on the Subject would bring up the message you are replying to) or at least include a small quote from that message so we can see what idea you are responding to.
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