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DD is 4. Twice now, since July, she's had 2 nights where she is sleeping soundly, then suddenly crying/screaming and completely unable to be consoled.

The first time was late July. We were on vacation, staying with my MIL out of state. Shortly before the trip, we had told DD (an only child) that she will be a big sister in January. She was thrilled. She's been talking about baby brothers or sisters for nearly 6 months.

During the day she had been bitten on the forehead by a bug (unidentified). She had 2 instances of crying out that night. The next day we took her to the ER because of the bug bite. It had caused her face to swell up and her eye to swell closed. At the time nothing was thought of the sleep interruptions as we were focused on the bite and swelling to her face.

The second time was this past week, Wednesday night. DD started preschool in mid-June for their summer session. This past week was their first week of the fall session. Classes start 1/2 hour earlier, but her drop off time is consistent, just less play time before their school portion of the day begins. She also changed classrooms from summer to fall (same school, different room). But she seems to know and love all of the teachers, so had no trouble at all with that switch. There are quite a few new faces, but she's never been shy and seemed to have no issues at all with the transition.

Wednesday night, for three consecutive hours she would sleep nearly exactly an hour, then cry and scream for about 10 minutes before returning to quiet sleep. She was clearly not exactly awake during these times. She was not communicating with us verbally. Nothing we did to calm her helped, and seemed to make her cry harder. At times, crying so hard it seemed she was going to make herself throw up. Each time she returned to quietly sleeping I glanced at the clock and it was almost exactly an hour before the crying started again. After not being able to console her twice, we did not intervene the third time. We ensured she stayed in bed but didn't talk to her or touch her. This time she only cried for 5 minutes before returning to sleep. This was also the last episode for the night.

After this occured, I recalled the episodes in July and noted the similarity.

The following morning, I talked to a nurse on the call in line at our pediatrics office. I started by talking in general about the sleep, since it was confusing that comforting was not calming. I asked briefly about the difference between nightmares/bad dreams and night terrors. She immediately pooh poohed the idea that it could be night terrors. But when I mentioned the possibility to DH, just based on the suspicions of not awake during, never specifically called out for us as she would with a generic "bad dream" just cried with no words involved, and nothing we did to calm provided any soothing to her. He did some online searching and found links to support the night terror theory.

Specifically not awake, can't be consoled, and 45 minute to 1 hour sleep intervals in between. They also mentioned common in kids 3-5, but could happen to anyone at any age.

Thankfully for everyone's sleep, we haven't had any repeats this week.

Does anyone have experience with night terrors? If that is what we are dealing with, what should we know?

I appreciate any advice or experiences as this is new territory for all of us.

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