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I found this stock via one of the Motley Fool screens (rising margins). There were 59 stocks on this weeks list, which I narrowed to 4, then finally narrowed down to 1 possibility - AMSGA. I am interested to know if there are any negatives that might not show up on the research screens (i.e. lawsuits, etc.) My VERY novice valuation would be @ $17. At its present size, it may take a while to be "discovered". But hey, its IRA money, and I've got time. Seems like a good value stock.
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Know this company intimately. Great results. 41% compound annual growth rate in earnings for the past 5-years! and trading at only 12 X earnings.

Prospects are strong for it to continue its growth. Well positioned to continue to take market share from its competitors. I am a strong buyer.
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