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I actually OWN these movies on dvd but cannot recall the titles!
Two movies, one and then its sequel, from maybe late 1980's(?)
French -- a man and his daughter inherit some land in the country
and go to it to 'bring it back to life' .. to work it as a farm.
They come up against some sneaky locals who, after their farm is
up and running, secretly block off the water to their place. Every-
thing collapses. In the second movie the (gorgeous) daughter, I
believe discovers the scam and brings the land back to life. I
THOUGHT it was Malkovich as the dad but I cannot find mention of
it on his IMDB page, so I must be confusing him with someone else!


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Ha! .. I was browsing IMDB and also wanting to look up The Return of Martin Guerre, and upon seeing Depardieu realized that it was he who
played the dad in the movies I was trying to recall!

Jean de Florette
Manon of the Spring.

(The Return of Martin Guerre is a fine one as well btw!)

thanks -

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