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We all knew this was coming, given the moribund state of Airport development, so it's not a surprise. Still -- and yes, I know my Airport network still works -- I'll miss Apple's presence. I've used other WiFi networking hardware, and the thing that made Airport head-and-shoulders above all others was its software interface. I always found Airport Utility to be easier, more powerful, and more flexible to use than the web-based interfaces I find on other hardware.

Oh, well.

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appleinsider has a piece on good alternatives. It seems to be the thing nowadays to have apps to configure and control your network.

(dreading making the change)
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No need to panic...

My Extreme works great, interfaced between a Cable adapter & an 8 port Switch, besides it's WiFi function.. I have an Express as an extension to the more distant end of the house...
And I have backups, at least 2 Extremes, maybe a couple Exress's.. All either given to my by frustrated users, or flea market finds, maybe $10 invested. All most needed was a firmware update, resetting, and away they went.. Then back in the box.

I don't see a need to go all Meshy, at least in my case I hardwired all the vital devices from the switch or if close anther Extreme port.. WiFi is for our or our guests use and so no real load on it as any streaming goes via the CAT5's..

Down the line, many options... But I don't envision any further need, really..
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It still surprises me how unreliable my home wifi is. I have a time capsule and an airport express (for coverage). The airport express seems to regularly lose signal "Turn yellow" and needs to be rebooted.

It was worse before I moved to an all-apple network. In the world of linksys, I seemingly had to reboot something every couple of days.

This stuff needs to always "just work" for me. When I'm home its not so bad, but when I am traveling, the wife can't deal with "the internet is down again".

At the time, 2012/2013, apple seemed the furthest ahead. Of course this must not be true now. Thats a shame because it should be a profitable category, and competition hasn't historically been all that good in my opinion.

I would love to have visibility into apple's thought process on this portfolio decision. Clearly the return on investment was viewed to be lower than apple's other businesses (likely true) but odd to just walk away from revenue. Seems like it would have been a nice little business to be in, and pretty synergistic to the other gadgets apple supplies.

Other than the referenced article earlier in the thread, if anyone knows of a rock solid, easy to configure WiFi solution that offers good range, and an app-based diagnostic and control platform, let the board know!!

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You might look for a late model of the Extreme, it was able to focus on it's user, if I recall. mine is the early square Extreme, not so smart, but I'm not relying on it for use as I cabled all the devices, so only maybe the laptop or our iPhones.

I do have a later model Express my inlaw gave me, but never saw the need to tear up what I already have working.. ( )

My Extreme isn't the latest & creates, but it just works..

I see many available...
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I will have to disagree with you there on it's software.

Easier sure, but less flexible and less powerful, which are often trade offs.

I find the airport utility software is kind of a pain since it is missing some advanced configs.
It's pretty easy for simple stuff, which as a consumer device is I guess the target audience, but is lacking compared to even my FIOS actiontec router as far as flexibility.

It does have nice time control (which I find a bit cumbersome UI) which I have implemented for my kids network access shutting off at night, though now with their iPhones, its not stopping them :)

(however as I used to work writing network management software I guess I have higher expectations than most)

Anyway still a nice product, and one of the first with guest networks I was aware of on the consumer side. They will be missed.

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My Extreme isn't the latest & creates, but it just works..

I had to use my old Extreme and was surprised to see Apple still had an update for it! It worked seamlessly. Then Spectrum sent a new modem with router installed (which I had to have them replace with another smaller modem and router). I am slowly getting my mind set to divorce Cable, but will still need an internet company for service. But I think I will be replacing the Spectrum equipment for my own better equipment.

I got an antenna for my porch TV, so no cable on that one. Will be installed next week and am anxious to see how that will work.

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I got an antenna for my porch TV, so no cable on that one.

Please let us know how much clearer your porch TV will be compared to your cable TV. Evidently over-the-air TV is decidedly clearer than cable.
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RE: "Easier sure, but less flexible and less powerful, which are often trade offs."

That's the old trade... often Apple reduces the functionality to what 90% of their targeted customer base is really using. If you happen to be in the other 10% then in many cases all it takes is a bit of fiddling with the shell.

In the case of the airport, there is no such option, which is a PITA. E.g. they simply removed the UI to enable SNMP. I never understood why they couldn't just HIDE it from the masses without killing the feature entirely.

But Apple consistently shot the power users in the knee caps. And I still think they really get it completely wrong to just focus on consumer stuff p!ss!ng of all pro users - outside the graphics/design/photography realm. They killed so many good products (xserve, Thunderbolt monitor just to name two) and left others to (almost) die lonesome (MacMini, MacPro, Server OS) - and they do have more than enough cash to simply keep those great products alive.

I switched to a Netgear Nighthawk router and still have bad dreams from just thinking about the freakingly ugly and badly done UI, the insane complexity without any useful documentation, the ambiguity in the tons of options that sometimes contradict each one other... but hey, this is what I always experienced when I had to enter the realm of Windows. ;-)

Over the past few years, I slowly moved towards the unlucky 10% of the Apple user base... And I still miss the times, when Apple was not only focusing on plain content consumers.

And btw, I don't really think the announced MacPro will really change anything and I also think they will just let the MacMini die entirely, even if they say otherwise.
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We're hooked on Comcast X1 here, but their cable modem, router, telephone interface box wasn't;t wanted or needed because I use my Apple Extreme as my router. So their modem had to be put in a bypass mode, but it worked. Then they charge $10 a month to rent it! Comcast local office tech suggested I buy my own cable modem. Did that, turned the Comcast box back into them. Had some fun as the paperwork got scrambled, so I had to get another box from them, activate it so they could do the paperwork, then I pulled it, gave it back again.. So a little hassle, but in the end they were good. A few months later I saw they had charged me again, so some phone time, in the end they refunded all the rental fees..

As I look at Roku, Netflix, I see more monthly fees so we don't bother.. We do pay for HBO, Sprts, and such, but find more stuff to watch than we have time for.. As the DVR loads up, choices are made, but overall, it all works out.

There is an antenna up in the attic but then I'd need to get another digital adapter, I've looked for over the air TV from our RV, just bought a little 32" flat screen for it, and I do get about 15 channels, with a solid signal, but many are not english.. On the road, that will vary, but campground systems may take over so no need for that antenna.. I suppose I could pipe that into the house, but..

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