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tttApple celebrates new iMac, iPad Pro, AirTags with YouTube videos
Get hyped for some new products with some new videos!
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(Finally back in after TMF fixed their "auth" problem!)

I thought there was a lot of great new hardware introduced. Of course, lots of complaints on the Mac Rumors site :

- stupid chin (still!) and white bezels on the iMacs
- no space gray option on the iMacs
- no M1X on the iMacs (I too was expecting the next iteration of the M1 but, really, if it's good enough for the Mac Mini, it's good enough for the iMac. But an M1X or M2 WILL come this year,... hopefully :-)
- iMac display not height adjustable

- an M1 in the iPad Pro makes it absurdly overpowered for the lame iOS.
- who the heck needs 16 GB of RAM on an iPad?!
- the iPad Pro now blows the iMac out of the water

I wonder if the M1 in the iPad pro will be clocked the same as in the Mac Books and iMacs? Anyone know if they're clocked the same in the Mac Minis and Mac Books?
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..the show was really got a feel for the new campus, even if the trees need a decade or two of growth..

..the iMacs look spectacular, and yanking the power supply out of the box and placing it on the floor is a nice touch, as power supply failings have given many a Mac a premature death..

..and adding ethernet to the power supply?...another nice touch for the connected office..

..colors are beautiful too..

..but watch the video, and pay particular attention to the last 20 seconds, as Cook says goodbye, and the drone rises up and out of the Corporate Headquarters..

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