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In October I applied for a job that I really was interested in for a University. I haven't applied for a job in over 7 years so times have changed.

I did get a letter that I passed the first round of weeding and someone may contact you for an interview. The contact never came.

I went back to the website and realized that the job has been reposted. My thinking is that either they hired internally or the candidate didn't fit work out.

I have trimmed my resume and made it more '21 century'...

Question is when I reapply for this job, should I state in the cover letter that I saw the job is back and would like to be considered for it or should I act like I never have applied for it in the first place?

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I agree, you should not mention the previous position, and simply apply for this one as though it were the first one you learned about. That makes your application complete, and leaves it up to them to connect up the previous application if they want to.

Actually readvertizing a position is quite common. Given the long lead time to hire someone, it is not uncommon to refine the position description based on who is applying and who you would like to attract. Also, sometimes things change during the process. Someone announces retirement or develops health problems, new missions arise, and the best use of the "open slot" sometimes changes. In essence, you are hired by a group of people, and their views of the ideal candidate can change.

Don't worry about it just play the game.

It is also not uncommon to have someone tell you, we have been watching your resume cross our desk for a while now. We were just waiting for the right combination of needs to open up so we can hire you.
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