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Book Value

Price/Book, DSO & Turns (Fool's School)

Should You Care About Book Value? (Bill Mann; May 25, 2000)

The Low Price/Book Value Ratio (Todd Beaird; January 9, 2001)

Get Book Smart (Selena Maranjian; August 13, 2002)

Book Value Explained (Motley Fool Staff; August 26, 2004)

Book Value Bargains (Chuck Saletta; September 10, 2004)

Foolish Fundamentals: Book Value (Motley Fool Staff; January 24, 2006)

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Nine Steps to Valuation (Matt Richey; September 17, 2002)

The Value of Growth (Matt Richey; April 7, 2003)

Quick DCF Step by Step [Post of the Day] (sleejohnson; September 11, 2003)

Using DCF Foolishly (David Meier; March 28, 2005)

Buffett by Numbers (Jim Schoettler; May 10, 2005)

Putting a Price on Tomorrow's Dollar (Richard Gibbons; August 22, 2005)

Value or Value Trap? (Shannon Zimmerman; February 28, 2006)

Dividend Discount Model

Dividend Discount Model (John Del Vecchio; April 6, 2000)

A Valuation Classic (Chuck Saletta; October 4, 2004)

Dividends Don't Lie (Chuck Saletta; June 8, 2005)


The Limits of EBITDA (Richard McCaffrey; No Publication Date)

Ignore EBITDA (Phil Weiss; September 6, 2001)

What Is EBITDA? (Richard McCaffrey; July 16, 2002)

Enterprise Value

Just How Highly Valued Is Your Stock? (Brian Graney; August 15, 2000)

Importance of Enterprise Value (Randy Befumo; February 21, 2002)

Enterprise Value Explained (Motley Fool Staff; October 27, 2005)

Foolish Fundamentals: Enterprise Value (Motley Fool Staff; December 27, 2005)

Free Cash Flow

Tying It All Together with the Flow Ratio -- Part 1 of 2 (Phil Weiss; December 10, 1999)

What Is Free Cash Flow? (By Bill Mann; April 12, 2000)

Joy of Free Cash Flow (By Jeff Fischer; August 5, 2003)

Free Cash Flow Illusions (Rich Smith; September 1, 2004)

Lessons in Free Cash Flow (Rich Smith; December 17, 2004)

Why Free Cash Flow Matters (Nathan Parmelee; August 12, 2005)

Deceptive Free Cash Flow (Nathan Parmelee; October 4, 2005)

Fooled by Free Cash Flow? (Seth Jayson; October 14, 2005)

Foolish Fundamentals: Free Cash Flow (Motley Fool Staff; December 29, 2005)

Inventory Turnover

Understanding Inventory Turnover (Selena Maranjian; July 8, 2003)

"Inventory Turnover" Explained (Motley Fool Staff; April 26, 2005)

Beware of Rising Inventory (Selena Maranjian; May 2, 2005)

Profit Margin

Notes on the Margin (Brian Graney; No Publication Date)

The High Profit Margin Advantage (Zeke Ashton; February 26, 2001)

The Profit Margin Paradigm (Vitaliy Katsenelson; March 1, 2006)

Net Asset Value (NAV)

NAV ABCs (Selena Maranjian; March 18, 2002)

Mutual Funds for Beginners (Shannon Zimmerman; August 9, 2005)

Operating Cash Flow

Calculating Cash Flow Ratios (Phil Weiss; July 07, 2000)

Consider Cash Flow (Brian Graney; March 4, 2002)

The Best Way to Grow (Nathan Parmelee; December 3, 2004)

Operating Cash Flow Tricks (Chris Cather; March 28, 2005)

P/E Ratio

The P/E Ratio (Fool's School)

P/E Is Not a Magic Number, Part 1 (Zeke Ashton; March 23, 2000)

P/E Is Not a Magic Number, Part II (Zeke Ashton; March 30, 2000)

Can P/E Be Overvalued? (Vince Hanks; June 22, 2000)

P/E Ratio: What's the Big Deal? (Richard McCaffery; May 17, 2001)

Stop the P/E Madness (Richard McCaffery; August 23, 2001)

Our Friend the P/E Ratio (Selena Maranjian; February 28, 2002)

Understanding P/E Ratios (Selena Maranjian; May 27, 2003)

What's a High P/E? (Bill Mann; October 7, 2003)

When a Low P/E Isn't Enough (Matt Richey; July 21, 2003)

P/E Ratio Dynamics (Motley Fool Staff; February 15, 2005)

Meet the Earnings Yield (Motley Fool Staff; May 27, 2005)

Your Friend, the P/E Ratio (Selena Maranjian; June 3, 2005)

How to Use the P/E (Philip Durell; August 19, 2005)

PEG Ratio

Calculating the Growth Rate (Fool's School)

Earnings Yield: A Tool for Investors (Warren Gump; December 22, 1998)

PEG vs. Formula 90 (By Moe Chernick; September 2, 1999)

Small-Cap Valuation Methods (Brian Graney; March 20, 2001)

P/E Ratio and PEG [Post of the Day] (BuildMWell; January 31, 2006)

Return on Assets (ROA)

Thinking about ROA (Paul Larson; June 21, 1999)

You Need to Know ROA and ROE (By Paul Commins; August 28, 2001)

ROA: A Nifty Number to Crunch (Selena Maranjian; January 17, 2002)

Return on Equity (ROE)

Return on Equity - A Definition (Fool's School)

Return on Equity: The Basics (Motley Fool Staff; April 6, 2005)

How to Find the Greatest Growth (Tim Hanson; November 7, 2005)


How ROIC Builds Value (Dale Wettlaufer; Oct. 16, 1998)

A Look at ROIC [Series of Articles] (Dale Wettlaufer; April 20, 1999)

Return on (Marginal) Invested Capital (Bob Fredeen; October 19, 2000)

Lean, Mean ROIC (Matt Richey; April 14, 2003)

Shorting Stocks

Shorting Stocks: Tax Aspects (Roy Lewis; May 18, 2001)

Is Shorting Stocks Foolish? (The Motley Fool Staff; June 21, 2001)

10 Most Shorted (Jeff Fischer; August 21, 2003)

10 More Most Shorted (Jeff Fischer; August 26, 2003)

The Art of Shorting (Matt Logan; August 11, 2004)

Who Hates Your Stock? (By Selena Maranjian; January 6, 2006)

Working Capital

Equity-Based Valuations (Fool's School)

Working Capital (Fool's School)

Cash Flow Efficiency (Vince Hanks; June 15, 2000)

Internet Affects Working Capital (Phil Weiss; January 3, 2001)

Unveiling the Flow Ratio (Motley Fool Staff; August 20, 2003)

Working Capital Explained (Motley Fool Staff; September 22, 2003)

One Thing Investors Should Understand (Chris Mallon; January 13, 2005)

Other Articles

Earnings-Based Valuations (Fool's School)

Valuation Metrics for Unprofitable Companies (Bill Mann; February 16, 2000)

Peter Lynch's Principles (Vince Hanks; June 29, 2000)

A Sharpe Ratio Summary (Todd Beaird; November 28, 2000)

The Payout Ratio (Selena Maranjian; October 8, 2002)

Meet the Price-to-Sales Ratio (Selena Maranjian; February 19, 2003)

Buffett's Magical Investing Principle (Tim Beyers; January 28, 2005)

When Dividends Head South (John Dutemple; April 18, 2005)

Be Like Buffett (Jim Schoettler; May 9, 2005)

How to Use the P/B Ratio (Philip Durell; October 13, 2005)

How to Use the P/S Ratio (Philip Durell; November 15, 2005)

Finding Lynch's 10-Baggers (Tom Gardner; March 27, 2006)

--David K

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