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As many of you may already know, the Pew Research Center recently put out their report on American Jews, the first update is 7 or 8 years.

Just now I was reading an article based on their survey results, and came across this:

"[J]ust 15% of today’s Orthodox Jews came from outside Orthodoxy, including 5% who were raised as Conservative and 2% who were raised as Reform."

So, among adults who identify as Orthodox:
85% raised Orthodox
5% raised Conservative
2% raised Reform

That leaves 8% unaccounted for. If they were raised O or C or R, where did they come from?

They might have been raised by parents who were Jewish, but unaffiliated and non-practicing.
They might have belonged to fringe groups like Reconstructionist Judaism, Humanistic Judaism, Jewish Renewal, and Traditional Judaism (also called "Conservadox").

I don't go around asking every Orthodox Jew about their upbringing, but I know many who were not raised Orthodox. Some came from C, some came from R, and all the rest are Ger Tzadekim (converts).

I admit my sample size isn't large, but I think it's possible that almost 8% of Orthodox Jews were born as gentiles.

(Perhaps even more, since the child of a Jewish father and gentile mother might have been raised Reform, but would still have to convert to become Orthodox.)
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Many are surely spouses of orthodox who were something else before. My cousin, raised reform, married an Orthodox Jew and adopted the practices.
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It could also be that 8% didn't answer the question because they weren't sure exactly how to answer it.
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