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Are you sure about that?

Aside from the obvious presence of an unspecified typo

Yes, the zero is surplus.

National Geographic says it's about 3,200 *kilometers*, which is less than 2,000 miles

I typed in "length of US border with Mexico" and Google gave me this:

Mexico–United States border
The Mexico–United States border is an international border separating Mexico and the United States, extending from the Pacific Ocean to the west and Gulf of Mexico to the east. Wikipedia
Length: 6,411' 0? (miles)
Current shape: December 30, 1853

Thanks to Warrl for pointing out the bad data.

The Wiki entry says:

The total length of the continental border is 3,201 kilometers (1,989 mi).

So, 1989 miles x 5280 feet/mile = 10501920' = 3500640 yards or 35006.4 surveillance zones.

Total border patrol staff approx 20-21,000

Total National Guard of all states and territories combined 332,721.

Each Guardsman can be fingered to spend his two weeks/year of active duty on the wall, so 332,721 divided by 26 periods makes about 12,797 bodies available/period. At three shifts a day, that covers 4,265 surveillance zones, leaving only 30,741 for the Border Patrol to cover.

Reportedly, Border Patrol agents start at $49,000/yr, so this starts to run into real money.

How about reinstituting the draft to get people on the wall for $18,000/yr, about what an Army E1 starts at? Thing is, it's a draft, so it's not like the wall would be competing with burger flipping jobs for bodies, so maybe start them at $10,000/yr?

But, they are draftees, so a lot of them would spend their shift sitting alone in their watchtower, asleep or stoned. Put two or three in each tower and they will as likely all be asleep or stoned, as keeping each-other awake and sober, and that would cost a lot more than one in a tower.

'course, could staff the watchtowers with nutter militias. iirc some areas already have nutter militias patrolling, to the great discomfort of the Border Patrol. The militias would be more motivated to stay awake and sober, but probably a lot more likely to open fire if they saw brown boogymen coming over the wall. And, do we have enough nutters to do that? I know that seems like an unnecessary question, but we are talking about needing a lot of bodies.

If you want the border "secured" this is the scenario to look at, not throwing billions at the "job creator class" for walls and electronics that will not do anything other than tell the Border Patrol how many dozens of people got in last night.

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