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We've been keeping track of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion by pointing out which GOP governors can understand arithmetic and which ones can't.

The Arkansas GOP as it turns out is a special case. They can understand math, but they don't care what the math says. Arkansas came up with a unique "solution" to the Medicaid expansion, which was to use Medicaid dollars to buy private insurance--even though this will cost an estimated $3,000 more per individual.

That's right, they are not only embracing the Medicare expansion, they are making it extra expensive. In the short term, that doesn't matter too much because the federal government is picking up the whole tab. But starting in 2017, some of the costs shift back to the state.A spokesman for the governor explains WTF they were thinking:

“These policies are going to be pricier than strictly through Medicaid expansion,” he replied, “But this is the kind of option that our legislature asked us to look for. Our primary hope is that, we can do this, and this is one way to pursue it.”
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indiana is trying to do something similar with their healthy indiana plan. we will see how it plays out here!
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