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Found this on another board:

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"Travelers on Northwest face some cancellations caused by pilot shortages, bad weather and clogged skies. With full planes, boarding another flight quickly is difficult."

With most flights full, how can they be losing money? If everuyone is at capacity, raise the price! The passengers will pay what they must, especially if this is the only seat available.

One of the clients for my wife's drapery and window fashions business is a celebrity. I was in her house last week working on a skylight shade, and I overheard her personal assistant (secretary?) trying to arrange a flight from LAX to JFK, first class. She was having little luck, as all the seats were full (Well, she needed several seats, so there might have been onesy-twosy seating available.) But even first class is so full that she couldn't get seats for the next weekend.

How can they lose money flying full?

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I am so happy that NWA bumped up its fares so much two years ago that we switched to another airline to travel internationally however, we just booked an award ticket for our daughter to fly domestically. I am hoping that her ticket in the beginning of a summer month will mean she actually gets off the ground.

Fatigued pilots and clogged skies and runways are a lethal combination.

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