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Art:"When employers decide to let you go, fire you, lay you off, they don't have any qualms about it."

When the company (Management) decides to lay off folks, that's it. Someone has to go.

My first job I learned that Motorola had a bad habit of hiring lots of engineers to work on a new product line and after it was designed and shipping out the door, half the engineers would also be shown the door. Good experience while there but bad experience getting laid off. They had repeated that cycle a few times, and would again in the future. It was good 'training ground'. I wasn't the only one to go....half the department was 'laid off'. It didn't help that the country was in a recession at the time.

SO I went off and had 11 job interviews and half a dozen job offers. This time I was a lot more selective and moved to General Electric.

They took good care of me and it was a company that didn't hire/fire.

Until Neutron Jack (Jack Welch) took over at GE and decided our department had to go out of the 'systems engineering' and 'specials' business and over the next six months 'terminated' 50 of those jobs, including mine. HOwever, they gave us months and months to go looking for new jobs......(and would pay travel if the other hiring entity would not)......

SO I wound up at MCI.....where I stayed for 17 years. And bailed out just before it totally collapsed and thousands went out the door.


Art: " When the shoe is on the other foot they don't hesitate to throw your life into chaos. They don't care. Why should we care about them when opportunities come in life to either change direction or do something more interesting or fun?"

You do your work, you get good reviews......there are always ups and downs and managers you have to work with for a while until something changes...or you move and change it yourself.

It's harder to replace folks with degrees and technical experience vs jobs that you can learn in 30 days on the job training.


Art: " They paid me as little as they could and got rid of me when they didn't need me anymore."

That's how most businesses work.


Art: "After working at the University of Tennessee Vet School for seventeen years I thought I was part of it; and that I'd easily be able to ride it out for another 7 years till I turned 55. That didn't happen. When they wanted to get rid of me it all turned around in the blink of an eye. So much for them loving me. There was no love. It was just another job. "

Likely you went through a bunch of managers......and one of them figured out that you were eating up too much of the budget. And not doing enough work at higher levels to justify the salary. That's always a problem. It helps to get a few steps up the management ladder.....


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