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As a recent shopper for such things, I'll toss a couple of idea out there.

The scooter carriers themselves can be designed to fit into a 2 inch receiver or a 1 1/4 inch receiver. It's probably best to get the right size hitch for the carrier.

You can get an adapter in either direction. An adapter to shrink a 2" receiver down to 1 1/4" is just a sleeve that fits inside the receiver. That puts the carrier at its intended position. But an adapter for a 1 1/4" receiver to accept at 2" carrier is going to be a smaller bar wedded to a 2" receiver. And that mess will stick out a ways, adding some length and additional leverage to the load. For that reason, I'd suggest a 2" receiver if you're unsure what your scooter carrier has.

I would have no hesitation loading the hitch up to it's full spec, unless you're using that long 1 1/4" to 2" adapter. Then I'd de-rate the capacity a bit.

There are two kinds of carriers out there. Ones that have a motor to drop the load shelf down to the ground for loading, and ones that have a ramp on the side. Go for the motor. The ramp is short and steep. You should not ride the scooter on to such a carrier - the right way is to stand beside the scooter and drive it on. Some people will find this difficult to do.

Most carriers will block access to the trunk or rear doors. Some can swing out of the way. Those cost more. That may or may not be an issue.

Carriers often block the view of the license plate. Make sure you know your state law on that, or look for a carrier that has a place to mount the license plate along with the proper lighting. Doing neither is an invitation to have a roadside discussion with a police officer.

New carriers are like most durable medical equipment - grossly overpriced. Check craigslist or other local classifieds for used stuff. Many people buy new, use for a short bit, then sell. Look for 1/2 of new price or less for equipment that is near new. Ditto for the scooter. Your estimate of $1500 for a carrier is in the right ballpark for a new, fancier carrier. Bare bones might be 1/3 less - again new.

The hitch is going to be additional. Check local auto shops for hitch installation. Many U-Haul locations will install hitches, and at a reasonable price. Don't get one from the same place that sells new scooters and carriers. They charge extra because they can bill health insurance plans and get money from them.

Both of these items are deductible for income tax purposes as a medical expense. That's outside of your particular scope of help, but it's worth a mention to them.

Good luck, and thank you for helping someone who needs all the help they can get.

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