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As a resident "right-wing nut job" on this board, I stand and challenge the theories that evolution espouses, carbon dating and promote the fact that the book of the Bible has the most historically authenticated manuscripts of any piece of literature ever written. Furthermore, those manuscripts are dated more closely in antiquity then famous works of literature's manuscripts such as The Odyssey or Illiad.

Now this board is not a debate of questionable carbon dating methods and various hypothetcal suggestions of the existence of species. Its for talking about the media stock, SIRI. As far as the censorship goes, I use it everyday when I hit the power button on my remote. I can block or change channels or chose not to pay for those channels where content seems to be intolerable for my lifestyle I choose!! I can also use channel block functions on my remote to protect the interests of what my family agrees upon.

I agree with Buffy, that this Stevens guy is probably rabble rousing for the sake of getting some cash. The NAB is rich and they pay him and a bunch of others in the house and senate. Ask Ted Kennedy, America Coming Together Chairman, Harold Ickes and McCain/Feingold. His actions do not suggest that all "right wing nut bags" act the same like daytendrshirt might believe.

I don't think this stuff is getting to the floor either. It is about money and the raising of it for 2006 and 2008. Is anyone involved in this that maybe up for re-election? Perhaps the constiuencies are being awakened. Who really cares.

On a SIRI note, technology has given us the ability to self-censor. I stand with you that in a free America, we are able to freely worship or not and watch or not watch, to listen or not to listen. We can choose in these cases on a moral level for our choices in TV/Radio only effect ourselves. We can be responsible for teaching our children the same way to discern why the choices they make are important to their lives.

Howard is not going to SIRI just to cuss and be more vulgar. The FCC has been the best thing for Howard's career. It is why he exists the way he does. He is a rebel. SIRI is not a rebel territory. Its a place where anything can potentially go on the air. Let's see how funny he is now. In my analysis, he is going there to make money and be exclusive, but not necessarily more vulgar. He may from time to time but he has no restraint, which will force him to be even more creative. SIRI will be the hardest thing Howard Stern has ever done because he doesn't have an antagonist named FCC any longer. The million dollar investment question with Howard is: "Will his fans follow him to see how the story of Howard Stern plays out?" If they do, then I better buy some stock in SIRI too. I own XMSR already.

In closing, I know I live in a world where people say and do bad, wrong and evil things everyday. I do plea that people should not do those things and I see the ramifications of those choices everyday. I see them in my own life too much for me to bare. However, you have a choice to offend God or not offend God. He loves you irregardless and wishes you would listen to him better.... (there's an altar call in that continuance)

Here's to hoping SIRI and XMSR keep the freedom on their airwaves in tact and to people being intelligent and thoughtful before they choose programming to entertain them and before they come down on "right wing nut jobs" of all kinds. There are some left wing screws out there that are a bit to loose that hold office or positions of power too.

OFX - who leaves you with a paraphrased quote from the famed Baptist preacher, Charles Spurgeon, "Excess is when you smoke more than 2 cigars at once."

I prefer Gurkha's Legend series (torpedo or Anniversario Perfecto) and a Belgium brew named St. Sebastian's.
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