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As did jarrjarr, I also caught the disgusting interview of Sen. Bryon Dorgan on CNBC's Squawkbox.

Byron Dorgan has nothing but contempt for the Oil industry, continually refering to them as greedy. He likes to talk about greed, but he's got it all backwards. Greed is the desire for the unearned, coveting that which is not yours. It is Dorgan and others like him that should answer to the citizens for their greedy actions, not publicly-held oil companies.

One only has to look at the annual federal budget to see that the amount of tax revenue received is less than the amount of money being spent by Congress. It happens every year and has been going on for decades, and yet apparently, in Byron Dorgan's mind, there is no problem with this (I haven't seen him chatting up the talk shows, complaining about congressional fiscal irresponsibility). The amount which exceeds the tax revenues becomes a problem for the Treasury to deal with, and for the Federal Reserve Bank to deal with, and eventually manifests itself as monetary inflation. We see the effects as a lessening in the value of our wages, our investments, and our homes. This printing of money to pay the bills is nothing but theft, stealing from all of us because our well-paid elected officials in Congress, like Dorgan, aren't doing their job. Oh, they're plenty concerned about flag-burners and agriculture subsidies and bridges-to-nowhere, but they're not concerned about that one thing that makes our country different from any other democracy: individual rights. This is why they feel justified in taking the private property of individuals through eminent domain and windfall taxes. Heck, clowns like Dorgan brag about it. They're proud of whom they are; they're proud of their greed. So were the leaders of Nazi Germany.

We've heard for years how the US has a huge trade imbalance; we import far more than we export - oil, automobiles, electronics; almost everything is imported. Try finding something made of plastic that says “Made in the USA” on it the next time you go to a store. I doubt that you will, even in ten trips to ten different stores. Globalization has increased the competition in all sectors, and many American companies have either moved offshore or folded because of it. Not too many have been able to remain here and thrive in the face of global competition.

Exxon Mobil is an American company. They may currently be the largest public corporation, but they are far from being the largest oil company in the world. They are large because they are well run and very successful. Lately they've made a lot of money (75% of their revenues come from outside of the US, according to a Lee Raymond interview I heard last year). It's not stolen booty. It's the profits made from providing valuable goods at a fair market price. Isn't this good? Wouldn't America benefit from having more companies like this? Shouldn't we be proud of this achievement?

Exxon Mobil is owned by us. Not just us on this board, but everyone who has even a nickel invested in a pension fund or a large-cap mutual fund. There are not many whose lives are not touched by XOM through ownership or the use of the company's products. Why should all of us have to be made to subsidize the fuel use of American drivers through a special windfall profits tax?

I too am sickened by this lack of respect for the property of others, and the greed that makes things like windfall taxes on oil companies a seemingly acceptable consideration for congressional action. The best advice I can give is this: Don't let yourself be fooled as to who is the rightful owner of the profits of publicly-held companies, and don't forget to vote this fall for people who have a respect for individual rights. Maybe we can flush a few "Dorgans" down the toilet this November.

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