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As someone who follows both a fair bit, a number of interesting parallels could be drawn between the global warming denialists an the IDers. There's many important differences too, but one thing you certainly get is "bad science" that couldn't be pulled apart most well educated people - and takes other scientists to do the job:


Unfortunately anthropogenic global warming (AGW) consists of both scientific and socio-political aspects.

On the scientific side there are a variety of other viable hypotheses. In fact over the last 5 years the globe has cooled 1.6 F (which completely wipes out the warming experience between the 1970s to early 2004. Furthermore the NOAA predicts continue global cooling over the next 5-10 years (BTW, these predictions are in line with one of the hypotheses that competes with AGW).

On the socio-political side, many of the proponents of AGW rarely restrict themselves to just the scientific facts. Al Gore regularly exagerates and outright lies about possible consequences and symptoms of AGW. Many of the AGW movement immediately accuse any that disagree as "deniers" or oil company shills despite the fact that many scientists that support the hypothesis of AGW have their own doubts.

I'm not intending to get into dueling scientists on the issue but here's some dissent that you may want to consider.,2933,357201,00.html

The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine this week announced that 31,072 U.S. scientists signed a petition stating that "… There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases is causing, or will cause in the future, catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate..."

Eminent theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson is among the many distinguished signatories.

The OISM petition represents a direct challenge to the Al Gore-touted notion that a consensus of scientists has determined that catastrophic manmade global warming is real and that any debate over the science is pointless.

Since that is the case, the 31,000 scientist signatories assembled by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine would seem to trump the 600 or so in the alleged IPCC consensus.

Anyway, don't get me wrong from general principals it makes sense to not foul our home nest (Earth). However, there's a lot levels the AGW movement assume to be true when there's clearly not enough evidence to support.

Such as proving (or at least providing a preponderance of evidence supporting):
What level of emissions could we safely continue?
How can we acheive these levels without bankrupting all of our economies?
Is the return (prevention of damage) worth the cost of reducing our emissions to the level of 1900s?
Might we do better to invest that money in other technologies?

Oh and it wouldn't hurt to have the AGW movement leaders lead by example and cut their own emissions to the level they advocate for others.

Also it'd be good if the AGW movement embraced nuclear power as the primary & key method of reducing (over the short-term) CO2 emissions.

Another thing that gets my boxers in a bunch:
Why aren't we investing in protecting ourselves from comet or asteroid collisions? Each of our chances of dying from such an event equal our chances of dying in an aircraft accident - only all humans would likely die in such an event. I predict that the cost of an event like this even accounting for the low probability would far - far exceed the cost of global warming...
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