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Greetings kiddos!

I'm going to try to revive the biotech board a bit. I have a bunch of thoughts on ASCO19 that I'm going to post over the coming days.

My goals are:
1) to NOT make this a board that gets several posts a day, and to avoid penny stocks and data-poor companies / pre-clinical companies

2) If time allows, a "bucket" / watch list of companies we can periodically check in on (maybe quarterly reports?)... We could put them into, say, "precision oncology"; "diagnostics"; "gene editing"; "renal"; etc. Its not just onco drugs!

I think a few of us are rather well versed in biotech land, and hopefully some can learn from our mistakes.

And with that.... bring on ASCO19!
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Your idea to make buckets with lists of stocks is a very good one.
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