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'China virus' redux: For Trump and Republicans, it's open season on Asian Americans like me

Asian Americans are under siege. It’s 2021 and one of our major political parties is applauding the provocation of hate crimes against my community.

Kurt Bardella Opinion columnist

3 minute video included in USA Today story:
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Blaming Asians for COVID is simply a deflection from the appalling way that the US government (did not) handled the pandemic. Even the "ban" on travel from China was a ruse to apply pressure during the trade talks as it allowed so many classes of travelers in to be as porous as a seive, while there was no attempt to limit travel from, say Italy, where the virus was obviously raging.

Personally, I feel far safer shopping in a Chinese district near where I live (in Brooklyn) where everyone wears a mask, many wear face shields as well, gloves and so on than in the Caucasian neighborhoods where many don't. True, many in Asia are used to wearing masks when they have a cold as a common courtesy towards those around them, but that doesn't mean we can't do the same. And the final irony is that China's prompt and focused crackdown quickly quashed the epidemic without a full country-wide shutdown and things have become normalized - about a year a head of what we will likely experience.

Any antagonism towards Asians is simply another example of our prior leaderships MO of accusing others of violations which were being committed by our leadership.

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