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Welcome to the ASX50 Foolish Four RP Method. This is a trial run to see how
it stacks up as a mechanical method for investing on the ASX. 

I started this one as of 26/6/2000. The 4 stocks I picked was 2-5 in RP order
excluding Resourses and Property Trusts. The order for the end Friday 24/6
was from 1st to 5th was PDP, GMF, QAN, CSR & AMC. Since PDP had the lowest
price and highest yield I dropped it according to TMF. The order for end Friday
1/9 is as below. The left hand column includes resources and Property Trusts.

ETRADE charges $29.95 commission + Tax unless you are a frequent trader then
it is $19.95. I added $30 per trade.

For the month of August this ASX50 FF hit a high of 10% before coming down to
5.71%. It is just in front of the All Ords which has risen 5.32% since 26/6.
The figures below is from end of trading 1/9/2000. 

Happy Investing

1  PDP	Pacific Dunlop Limited		PDP	1	Pacific Dunlop Limited
2  GMF	Goodman Fielder Limited		GMF	2	Goodman Fielder Limited
3  NDY	Normandy Mining Limited		QAN	3	Qantas Airways Limited
4  GPT	General Property Trust		CSR	4	Csr Limited
5  WFT	Westfield Trust			ORI	5	Orica Limited
6  QAN	Qantas Airways Limited		AMC	6	Amcor Limited
7  MIM	Mim Holdings Limited		SRP	7	Southcorp Limited
8  CSR	Csr Limited			STO	8	Santos Limited
5  ORI	Orica Limited			SMI	9	Howard Smith Limited
9  AMC	Amcor Limited			WBC	10	Westpac Banking Corporation

Trade Date	#Shares		Ticker	Cost/Share	Price	LT % V Chg
26/6/00		2020		GMF	$1.22		$1.23	-0.39%
26/6/00		757		QAN	$3.26		$3.85	16.68%
26/6/00		596		CSR	$4.14		$4.40	5.00%
26/6/00		458		AMC	$5.39		$5.54	1.55%

Trade Date	#Shares		Ticker	Cost		Value		LT $ V Chg
26/6/00		2020		GMF	$2494.40	$2484.60	-$9.80
26/6/00		757		QAN	$2497.82	$2914.45	$416.63
26/6/00		596		CSR	$2497.44	$2622.40	$124.96
26/6/00		458		AMC	$2498.62	$2537.32	$38.70

							$10,558.77	$570.49

					WEEK	MONTH	SINCE 26/6/2000							
		ASX50 FF	10558	-1.32%	-2.32%	5.71%		Includes Commission
		All Ords	3322.7	-0.89%	 2.30%	5.32%
		ASX50 IX	1594.7	-0.83%	 3.81%	1.73%
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This is a trial run to see how
it stacks up as a mechanical method for investing on the ASX.


Hi - having been just introduced to this board I'm ploughing my way through all the posts when I came across this one. I've run a crude form of MI screen based on the Oz Top Ten since the beginning of the year so I was pleased to see that others on this board are of a like mind. I've thought for some time that Oz stocks would be ideal for MI and given the smaller number of stocks than the US market would be simpler to identify those heading for the stratosphere (only joking).
I currently have about half my assets in Oz stocks and the other half in the US (some MI, some LTBH).
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