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Hey CC shoppers!

I got a pre-approved solicitation in the mail for an AT&T Platinum card for 4.9% and no annual fee. The length of time for the 4.9% rate is dependent on how much you transfer:
1. up to $1,999 @ 4.9% for 12 months;
2. $2,000 to $4,9999 @ 4.9% for 15 months;
3. $5,000 or more @ 4.9% for 18 months.

Variable rate after intro rate expires is LIBOR + 7.2% (currently 12.9%) and applies to all purchases immediately and any remaining transferred balance not paid off during the intro rate period.

The transfer is actually a cash advance and they charge you a $25.00 fee with the transfer. You may want to see if you can get this deal at the AT&T site:

If you have a preapproval number (I had one in my letter), you can accept online.

Looked like a good deal to me, so I accepted online.

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