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Has anyone tried or does anyone here use the Automator which comes as part of the Mac system?

In trying iBank, I find that although Time Machine backs everything up on my iMac (and I do have Mt.Lion) I would like a separate backup of the iBank.

iBank does not make such backups easy. In my research I found a suggestion for using Automator and have copied the script to my iCal however, I'm not really understanding how it works nor IF it will work.

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This is not addressing your stated question - why do you want a separate Backup of the iBank data? It is a separate item in your SuperDuper files. In can be recovered/ restored from TM.

If at some future date you wish to delete all copies of any old file (iBank data, a book, anything) from TM that is very straight forward.

Automator can easily backup any single file to any drive on your PC. You could also plug a USB stick in and copy the iBank data to that stick for a backup also.

Google found about 450,000 tutorials on Automator.
Google found 141,000 hits on a search for "Automator copy files form one folder to another" including
show how to create an Automator Application.

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