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Me again -- trying to get a feel for reasonable expectations for generating income from bonds.

Can anyone tell me a ballpark figure for the annual income one would have gotten from owning an average, solid Bond fund over the past 5 years?

Also, in terms of the current market, what the typical yield is for bond funds purchasable today?

I'm not really looking to buy funds right now, but am trying to get a feel for benchmarks of recent performance and current potential income via this sort of instrument.

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Personally I don't think the last 5 years of bond performance are quality benchmark.

It would be worth your time maybe do some legwork comparing some popular bond funds to appropriate indices over 5, 10 and 20 years and see what picture develops.

I have personal opinions but they are loaded and biased by my needs and personality quirks. The data is readily available it is best interpreted by you. Certainly bring questions or observations found back here so that we can explore them. I am willing to bet that your interpretation will not be too out to lunch even though some of us may disagree. There is strength in disagreement. Your opinion gets the rough edges knocked off as does mine, we are both better for it.

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