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Take a look at this story. Ranching on the Arizona Strip. Arizona and Utah. Look at the photos and film of this guys ranch. How do they raise cattle here? With your tax dollars. You have been paying to subsidize this guys business for 85 years. First you built massive dams and reservoirs. Then pipelines and canals to move the water. Then you charged him next to nothing to put his cows on public lands.
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The grazing fees on public lands have not changed significantly in decades. It's ridiculous.

And here we are, years into a terrible drought and it appears to me that nothing is being done to protect the western grasslands from destructive overgrazing. The reality is that as a result of 150 years of overgrazing and the introduction of invasive species, we will never really see most of these lands recover. They been mined, not managed for the long run. Much of the arid west, maybe MOST of the arid west, was never suitable for domestic cattle and sheep grazing.
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Trump lowered the fees.

In the canyons of S. Utah the rancher puts the cattle in a canyon and comes back 3-6 months later to remove them. After a $50,000 buyout they removed the cows from the river in front of my house. I have watched a remarkable recovery over the last 15 years.
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Watch out taxpayers.

It takes 1900 gallons of water to grow one pound of almonds. Growing one almond takes 1.1 gallons of water.

Ca. uses 10% of its entire water usage to grow almonds.

Happily Ca. gets a lot of Colorado River water.

Water that exists in legal documents rather than the real world is known as “paper water,” and that characterizes much of the water claimed in the Colorado River Basin. It has never existed in liquid form, and it never will. Further, the Colorado’s paper water is a ticking time bomb. And when it explodes, it will be more than a crisis. It will be a catastrophe. Millions of urbanites will find themselves without water, and millions of acres of cropland will lie fallow, causing widespread economic dislocation and human misery. The Colorado River water distribution system is based on a fantasy, one that ultimately will have devastating repercussions for the West and the nation.
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this is why we need to raise taxes.

More money from wealthy Trumpers from NYC and California - - -into this guy's pocket....

Biden Pelosi Schumer, 2020
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