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What do you guys think of Wi-Lan on the Tse? Ticker symbol is . They have a proprietary wireless broadband technology allowing transfer of 30+mbps. Stocks been on a run last couple of days...
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Definitely has QCOM potential. In fact, it outperformed QCOM last year!!!

Look at the following chart:

They also have a number of events in the next 4 - 6 weeks that will keep moving the stock.

1) Rumor of a 4 for 1 split
2) Nasdaq listing
3) Alliance announcement for their W-OFDM technology
4) Significant contract wins

On top of that, they have quality leadership and truly excellent technology. They recently demonstrated a mobile application of their W-OFDM technology (transmitting data: video streaming and file transfers, at 30Mbps to a car travelling at 70 mph) that has up until now been thought to be used only in fixed wireless applications.

You have discovered a very rare find: a quality, growth company that is undervalued.

Disclosure: I hold Wi-Lan shares.

Good luck.
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In the Wi-Lan world is the rumor of a split an 'event'? In my investing world I try to think of 'events' as being a little more substantial.

Sorry for the attitude, but I was an avid reader of this (formerly) excellent board prior to the Wi-Lan invasion of a couple months ago. Kinda ruined it for me, I guess.

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