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I've been building a new room in the basement as a Mary Kay studio for my clients. I'm moving my office down there, inventory, and needed a room full of new furniture - couch, desk, table, chairs, storage furniture. We built in as much storage as possible, but it's still not enough for everything acquired over my years as a consultant, so the purge is on.

I've been going through boxes of papers. I plan to purge about 99% of what isn't already in the studio and about 50% of what is. It's hard work! Luckily my office assistant isn't sentimental so she helps me be ruthless. And we agreed that I can't do large quantities at once - so it all got boxed up to clear the clutter and I can tackle one box or two a week. Once I'm through the paper, the rest will be easier (ie: "let's only keep pink ribbons and toss the rest"). I hope so anyway! My hubbie is hoping I'll also clear the walls - artwork, inspirational quotes etc - from the old office, and the kitchen. Not sure that's happening. Some comes down with me, but I'm trying to keep a minimalistic vibe in the new space. I guess once I decide that's finished, I'll revisit what I decided wasn't important enough to be in the new space.

Progress in baby steps.
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Hi Hunzi!!

For the artwork and quotes: any offices, nursing homes, new consultants just starting out, etc. you could donate the stuff you aren't moving in to the new space?

That could give it a new framework in your head to help the transition out of your home - it's not that it's not important enough for your space, but instead that it's *perfect* for someone else's.

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