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Well, I'm in for it now! I've been retired for a little over 10 years. Did a bunch of eldercare, but still, except for a couple of years in there, had more free time than not.

Now my first grandchild has arrived, and when DS & DDIL return to work in June, I'll be providing day care. In fact, DH & I moved close to them last summer specifically so we'd be positioned to do that. So I'm very happy, but, it's just now dawning on me that I'll once again have a full-time commitment. M-F, 8-6, or thereabouts, after years of not setting an alarm clock. DH will be my back-up, for when I have a dentist appointment or something.

So, it'll be an adjustment. I'm confident I can rise to the occasion, I just don't know for how long, especially if/when a 2nd or 3rd baby arrives. DH might have to be more than just back-up. :)
It'll be easier than when my own children were little, because I'll sleep at night, which makes all the difference. Still, I'm 66, and doing the math, it doesn't look like I'll be giving driving lessons or chaperoning prom.

Wish me luck! Any and all advice is also welcome! I know some of you have experience in this area.

soon to be un-retired
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Good luck, Yew!

I was 61 when I started babysitting for my newborn grandson 4 days/week, 8:30-6 or so (paternal grandparents took one day a week). I retired when DGS was 18 months old ;-) I had moved temporarily to NYC to do it, and it was one of my fave periods of my life. But I needed those 3 days off/week! The hubster was still teaching and flew up every other weekend so I was mostly on my lonesome--it was hard to adjust to sleeping alone, going to movies alone, doing almost everything alone. But I came to appreciate things like cooking for myself.

DGS is still my Sweet Pea at age 10 ;-)

PS--Darn those kids for having their kids so late in life! My mom was 50 when DD, her first grandchild, was born. My grandmother was 47 when I was born. Of course, I was still working at 50, so...
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Yep, I remember, they lived in a walk-up, didn't they? Lots of exercise for you! I also remember your being very happy then. Taking care of a baby was more fun than, just a little while later, taking care of mother, brother, & hubster.

I also remember 50+ years ago, when my younger siblings arrived. My maternal grandmother took the Greyhound bus 400 miles to stay with us and help out. She & my dad didn't get along. Luckily, my DDIL & I do get along, but I'm still glad I'll be going home every night, and not be underfoot 24/7.
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I lived in the walkup (3 flights), not them. They're still in the 5th floor condo with an elevator they bought during DD's pregnancy (the kids enjoy running up and down the stairwell--bundles of energy they are).
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Grandchildren are the joys of life! I tell people that if I knew grandkids were going to be this much fun, I would have had them first!

I babysat GD1 one day a week for quite awhile. Loved it, but when GS1 came along....that was another story.

There is a fine line between “helping” and being taken advantage of. Make sure you have clearly defined hours and responsibilities.

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