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Well, Wednesday I was supposed to work a half-day and go to Washington DC for a baseball game with a Steve, Dan and Clara, a few friends of mine that live in the DC area.

At 7:35 I go to leave for work as usual -- and I'm parked in by a furniture delivery truck. I'm scheduled to be in work at 8:00, which as luck would have it is just about the time they move the truck. I don't get in to work until 8:15.

At 12:15, I left work, stopped at the bank and the gas station, and headed to the game. This would get me to the game about 1/2 hour before game time -- or it would have until a deer ran into my car on Interstate 83 in Maryland. I'm fine, but the hood latch failed and the hood flew open, shattering my windshield. The radiator and A/C compressor are damaged. Sadly, the deer didn't make it.

A call to the Maryland State Police and my insurance company, to my brother (who is a manager for Enterprise Rent-A-Car), a 30-minute wait for the police to show up, a wait for a tow truck, a tow to Baltimore and a pickup from Enterprise later, and I had a rental car. Of course it's 4:10, the game starts at 4:30 in DC, and I'm on the North side of Baltimore at rush hour.

Mercifully, traffic was not that bad. I was at New Carrolton and on the Metro by 5:00, and at the game shortly thereafter. Of course, I missed about 5 1/2 innings of the game I had driven down for in the first place. On my way to the game I called my boss and told him I need to take a half-day off tomorrow morning to recover from the half-day off I took this afternoon.

At this point Steve and Dan had to leave, Clara and I figured we'd stop back at her apartment to check on her cats and then grab dinner. the police have her street blocked off at both ends, and it turns out there was a fire in her building. It was about an hour until I could get in her building. No one was hurt, and the fire was not in her part of the building.

From when I woke up until about 11:00 PM, I did not get to sit in one place for an hour all day.

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No. of Recommendations: 1

[pretty grim day for the deer too]
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