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Are we better of than we were 2008? I like to think so. Can we make an argument for Obama second term?

Commentary: Barack Obama Should Be Rewarded with Patience
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That was wonderfully stated.

President Obama inherited an absolutely horrible economic mess created by his predecessor. Nobody could have handled it any better than the President did, just like President Clinton said last week. President Obama has this economy moving in the right direction. He is willing to work across the aisle, regardless of political party, to do what is best for this country. He is a great leader and a great President, and he deserves another term to finish the job he started.
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Ironically Mitt Romney just might agree. Here is what he said in a recent CNBC interview

"And we ought to give, whichever president is going to be elected, at least six months or a year to get those policies in place."

When President Obama took office, the nation was losing more than 750,000 jobs a month. Since January 2010, the economy has created 4.3 million private sector jobs.

Yes, the president inherited a mess, and the GOP House has done nothing to improve the situation, even willing to take the country down the economic tubes so they can beat Obama. Shame.

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