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Hold on to your gaff hook.

Time to ban bass boats from public waterways

Perhaps you were enjoying a quiet picnic, or lounging on a beach towel reading a book, or watching your kids or grandkids splashing in the water. It was a calm serene afternoon, far away from the hustle and bustle and noise of the city, which is why you were there in the first place.

When, from the far distance, you heard a muffled roar, almost like a distant boom of thunder or rumble of a freight train. You looked all around the horizon, but the sky was clear, with no clouds at all, and there were no railroads within 50 miles. But the noise not only persisted but quickly became louder and louder, until it cleaved the air like the scream of a 747 jetliner. And then suddenly around the corner raced a whole armada of 50, 100, 500 or — in the event of the yearly Skeeter Boat Owners Tournament — 2,350 tournament anglers at the helms of 21-foot, 350-horsepower bass boats traveling at nearly 100 miles per hour. Totally ignoring you, they screamed right past your spot, rending the air with horrific noise, throwing up huge, dangerous wakes which angered the swimming adults and frightened the wading children, nearly swamped nearby kayakers and canoeists, carelessly rocked the wading anglers and left behind them thoughtlessly polluted air and water and quiet. And God help you if the lake or river you were at was hosting even more tournaments on that same day.


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The good news-

More and more bass fisherfolk are leaving the bass boat on the trailer and are taking up fishing from a kayak.
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In Central Oregon most of our lakes have 10-25mph speed limits with Sheriff's on the water to enforce the speed limits. The Sheriff couldn't care less how much hp you have, they just strictly enforce the speed limits. If they hear you open it up on the water even for a minute it will cost you.

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The solution to this problem would be for boat owners to use common sense and keep the noise and speed to reasonable levels.

Who are we kidding?


This is a great example of why we need laws to reign in the stupid and the selfish.
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