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Volunteering to Help My Community

I like being able to give back to the community. After retirement, we have so much to offer, folks just eat you up.

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There are zillions of volunteer opportunities in almost every community. Decide how much time you want to spend at it, and then find something that fits your skills and suits your tastes.

In this area organizations like Kiwanis are essentially group volunteer organizations. They are everywhere.

But you will find volunteer opportunities at food pantries, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries, etc, etc, etc. Almost everywhere you look.
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My volunteer work with the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts is a low cost retirement activity for me. It provides useful services for the community and social experiences for me with people who are on their best behavior.

It works well for me.

Seattle Pioneer
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I volunteer as an interpreter at a free health clinic that serves poor people as well as on the selection committee of a Habitat for Humanity chapter. I do it because I enjoy helping folks on an individual level, the social aspects of interacting with my co-volunteers and keeping my Spanish from decaying from disuse. I don't think of it as "giving back." I figure I already gave back with the seven figures of federal taxes and six figures of state taxes we paid on the way to retirement. If my volunteer activities didn't give something back to me, I wouldn't do them. I don't think that many people would "give back" purely from a sense of obligation -- there's always something they're getting out of it, including at least a sense of satisfaction.

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